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Browser Related Issues

*Cookies are required for filtering search results.

I am using Google Chrome as my browser. My pages are loading incorrectly and/or I keep getting sent back to the home page. How do I fix this?

PLATS.NET uses cookies to store search results. If you have cookies blocked in your browser, you may experience trouble filtering search results in PLATS.NET. Make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser.

I am using Microsoft Edge browser. When I print a results PDF, the information is obscured by blocks. How do I fix this?

This is a known issue in the newest versions of the Microsoft Edge browser. The way around the obscured information currently is to download the PDF from the browser (via right click -> Save as) and to print it locally through a PDF viewer.

I am using the Firefox web browser, and I am having trouble viewing a PDF. How do I fix this?

This is a known issue in versions of Firefox later than version 19. This issue is caused by the Adobe Acrobat plugin for Firefox not being enabled by default. It can be fixed by going to application options in Firefox and changing "Default handling of PDF's" to "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)" from the default value of "Show in browser." More information and instructions can be found on the Adobe website here.

This website is best viewed with the following browser types:

      • Google Chrome (Version 49.0.2623.110 or later)
         • No pdf extensions

      • Internet Explorer (Version 11.0.29 or later)
         • No pdf extensions

      • Firefox (Version 45.0.1 or later)
         • Plugin: Adobe Acrobat (Version or later)

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